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Sometimes, what you're looking for is already there.

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I can help you free your mind!

Possibly one of the greatest pleasures in life is to help someone to make a change for the better. Another is to actually make the changes in your own life.

Have you ever asked yourself “How much pleasure could I take in my life?” Or have you ever asked yourself, “What would I be like if I was not held back in the way I am now?”

If you keep on doing what you do now then you will keep on getting what you always get. If you want to change then I can tell you how.

My aim in life is to help people make the changes they deserve and desire; and to do that, I use the quickest and most effective methods available.

Take your time and browse around. I am sure that you’ll discover that I can help you make all the changes you’re searching for.

Hi. I’m Denis Niblett and this is my chance to tell you about my passion to help free people from their emotional chains. I live and practice in Newcastle upon Tyne - at the heart of the North East of England.

Ten years ago, during a stay in Australia, I took off my grey business suit and changed my life by training in the fields of Clinical Hypnotherapy and NLP™, both in Australia and here in the UK.

After some years in practice I was privileged to be invited to become a member of the prestigious “Just Be Well” team based in Harley Street, London. This international network of therapists specializes in utilizing methods and techniques developed by Dr. Richard Bandler, who is considered by many to be one of the world leaders.

A video produced for Just Be Well.