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All about addictions

From cannabis to cocaine, pornography to smoking, all addictions have a similar pattern within the mind - they are the result of a learned response. This means that they can all be treated in the same way!

There are fundamental similarities in the way all addictions operate within a person's neurology. The person has learned, unwittingly, to attach good feelings to a certain activity and when they think about 'doing their addiction' they either experience a good feeling at the prospect of doing it, and/or relief from a 'bad' feeling they were experiencing from 'not doing it'. All addictions have this in common, and all these problems tend to respond well to the direct techniques of hypnotherapy and NLP

In other words you have learnt that when you do whatever it is you are addicted to, you feel good. Even the thought of doing it can give you a good feeling!

So, to break the addiction you need to do one of two things. Either stop feeling good when you do it, or feel even better about not doing it!

This is true for all addictions, and they all respond well to the direct techniques I use.

So why wait any longer? Email me today and start breaking your addiction!

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