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You CAN manage your anger

I don't actually like the concept of "Anger Management". Why learn to manage something you can avoid in the first place?

It is quite acceptable to feel angry from time to time, even though it serves very little purpose and is often followed quickly by remorse. Then problem is, anger puts you in a state where you are not best placed to deal with the situation.

No matter what causes the anger it is usually the person's partner that suffers the effects of it.

I use two strategic approaches that teach you how to move away from anger and to help you to feel calm. I also re-pattern these responses at a deeper, more automated level.

So instead of spending hours finding out “why” you respond to something with anger, I teach you to respond in a different way. And I give you tools that you can take with you to use at any time in the future.

Email me today and start learning how to avoid unnecessary anger!

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