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Experience: that most brutal of teachers. But you learn, my God do you learn.

C. S. Lewis

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Binging comes in many forms…

We all do things we like; some of us even do things we don't really like, but we still do them. Most of us don't like doing things excessively; experience has taught us the doing things excessively rarely makes us feel good! As with most things, someone has come up with a label for doing things excessively; it is called "binging"

Yet "binging" is simply a bad habit - the habit of not stopping when you should.

Whether you binge on food, drink, chocolate or anything else, you just do not know when to stop. The good news is that I can help you remember how to stop. Yes, "remember". You were not born with this binging compulsion, you learnt it.

So, binging is simply a learned response; and what you have learnt to do you can unlearn. And that is where I come in - I can help you learn how to do that and to take control in all the situations where, up until now, you binge.

If that seems to be very simple it is because it is simple. The main problem is that you do not know how to control it - yet. After all, if you did know you would not be looking for help.  

All you need to do now is contact me. So, why wait?

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For more information take a look around this site, or if you have a specific question, email me and ask. It could not be simpler!

ion take a look around this site, or if you have a specific question, email me and ask It could not be simpler!