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I can help you free your mind!

You CAN let go of fears and phobias

We are born with two fears, those being loud noises and falling. Anything else we have a fear or phobia of is something we had to learn - we learnt a new response to whatever it is we are afraid of.

Phobias are a superb example of how incredibly fast the brain can learn a new behaviour. More often than not it takes just one "bad" experience for the unconscious mind to set up the behaviour of being terrified of whatever the experience was, and it can last for a lifetime. However, if you can learn to be afraid so quickly and easily, then you can learn a different and more useful response just as quickly - you can learn not to be scared! And when I say quickly, I mean quickly. In many instances phobias can be overcome during one session.

And it makes no difference what the phobia is about. I have worked with clients who had phobias of spiders, birds, public speaking, flying, heights, lifts, snakes, dentists, needles, vomit (or vomiting), bees and wasps, dogs, cats, horses, hospitals, doctors, driving, exams and interviews. In fact I have a list of over 600 phobias - but have not met them all yet!

I do not use so called "desensitisation techniques" which techniques would gradually (very gradually) introduce you to the object you feared over a period of several months; starting with tiny pictures which gradually became larger, moving on to videos and then, if possible, the real thing!

Amongst others things I use techniques developed by Dr. Richard Bandler, co-creator of NLP™, to help you make the changes you need in a rapid and effective way.

You have suffered long enough so why wait any longer? Get in touch now!

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For more information take a look around this site, or if you have a specific question, email me and ask. It could not be simpler!

ion take a look around this site, or if you have a specific question, email me and ask It could not be simpler!