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Panic attacks do not have to control your life

Although panic attacks can be very debilitating, the structure of most of them, in essence, is fairly straightforward, this is not much consolation if you are having them, of course!

These feelings of high anxiety are often, although not always, context related. In other words someone will experience panic attacks when in a shopping centre, on a train, in crowds, alone, the list is endless. The thought patterns are often similar to those some would describe as phobic. The condition is sometimes described as panic disorder.

If you suffer from panic attacks you are probably not consciously aware of what actually happens in your mind. It often starts by vividly imagining having a panic attack, more often than not by remembering having one at some time in the past. This is then followed by talking and/or yelling to yourself in a panicky way, and then getting "panicky feelings", and then finally making these things loop round and around.

No matter how bad you may think this is, the therapeutic tools I have on hand can help you learn how to deal with it. In my experience going over the past in order to discover why you have it will not solve the problem. It will just explain why you have it! So just change the way you respond in these situations.

I will help you learn to keep your imagination under control as opposed to letting your imagination control you. And then I can help re-pattern your responses to these situations at a deep unconscious level so that you do not even have to think about it.

So why wait any longer? Contact me now and we can start making the changes you need.

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For more information take a look around this site, or if you have a specific question, email me and ask. It could not be simpler!

ion take a look around this site, or if you have a specific question, email me and ask It could not be simpler!