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Forgiveness is the fragrance the violet sheds on the heel that has crushed it.

Mark Twain

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What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is a safe and natural therapy whereby specific areas on the feet known as reflexes are massaged. These reflex points relate to each and every organ, system, and part of the body.

The view that the body has energy pathways and reflex/pressure points has existed for thousands of years. Early Asian civilizations knew about these pathways and their relationship to the body’s functions. Asian doctors have practiced reflex/pressure treatments for many centuries. Many of us in the Western hemisphere know, or have heard of acupuncture or acupressure, both of which are based upon these pathways.

The Benefits

Amongst other things, Reflexology promotes deep relaxation, stimulating the natural flow of energy which in turn allows the body’s own healing mechanisms to balance themselves.

As an individual your experience with Reflexology may differ to someone else. Your lifestyle may also play a role in this, however, Reflexology generally:

● Relieves stress and tension

● Improves blood, nerve and energy flow

● Promotes the balance of body functions

● Generates deep relaxation

● Brings about and boosts a sense of well being

● Helps to reduce pain

The Session

I am a “Foot Pamperer” so during the session you will be lying down on a reclining chair with your feet and lower legs exposed in order for me to knead, massage, stretch and pamper your feet, as well as stimulating the reflex/pressure points that relate to every part of your body.

You will be amazed at how you respond by quickly relaxing yet feeling more energised. I personalise each session to meet your specific issues and needs.

The Session lasts 60 minutes and costs £25.00. This is recommended for:

● General stress busting and total relaxation

● Specific health conditions

● General well being

After the Session

After the session we will have a brief chat about the session and any findings, recommendations and lifestyle tips I may have.