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No man has a good enough memory to be a successful liar.

Abraham Lincoln

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I have been practicing as a Natural Therapist for 17 years, in places as varied as rural Northumberland to the shores of Sydney harbour in Australia.

I am committed to working with compassion in a holistic and professional way.

Having met many wonderful people as clients, I have seen how effective, supportive and enjoyable both Reiki and Reflexology are in helping with so many conditions - too many to list here.

Having said that, having a “health issue” is not a requirement for you to come along to enjoy either of these therapies as they are renowned for deep relaxation alone.

Currently, my practice is in Fenham.

Professional Qualifications Gained:

1999 Body Massage - Diploma

1999 Aromatherapy - Diploma

1999 Anatomy and Physiology - Diploma

1999 Reiki I Degree

1999 Reiki II Degree

2000 Advanced Massage Skills - Post Grad.

2002 Hypnosis - Certificate

2005 Reflexology - Diploma

2005 Chinese Reflexology - Post Grad.

2006 Reflexology - Advanced Diploma

2006 Maternity Reflexology - Post Grad.

2006 Parapsychology - Certificate

2006 Reflexology for Spine, Back Pain and Sciatica - Post Grad.

2007 Reiki Master Degree